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Want Trouble Free Vending Solutions?


At VENDOmatic that is exactly what you get, no hassle, trouble free vending. Our dependable machines are fully automatic and allow the self-service of can & bottle drinks, hot drinks, healthy snacks, potato chips, snack bars, candy and much more.


Our service is a cost-saving solution, designed for any size business

looking to provide food on-site, without the substantial investment

associated with a staffed breakroom. Our machines provide an attractive

display, an easy means of self-service day or night, and maintains the

products at a consistent temperature to guarantee a fresh quality snack.



We pride ourselves in delivering the best


  • Deliveries / Service to Suit Your Business Needs

  • Helpful, Friendly and Knowledgable Staff

  • Low Competitive Prices

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Ongoing Support

  • Maintenance Free Machines

  • 24 hour Call-Out Service with Fast Response Time




What does it cost?


Absolutely nothing. Just the way you want it! Many vending companies

charge a monthly rental for the machines, we couldn't imagine! 

VENDOmatic provides you with dependable, rental FREE machines.


  • Delivery and Installation FREE

  • Machine rental FREE

  • Replenishing stock FREE

  • Servicing FREE



Featured Products-


























Give us a call and see what VENDOmatic can do for you today..

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